My Daily Nourishing Smoothie

I was asked at a Nutrient Dense Eating class recently to give up my daily smoothie recipe so I put to paper exactly what my first meal of the day is. I usually start with a glass of room temperature water with a half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to prepare my digestion for food.  Then I sip the Full Meal Deal smoothie before my exercise and yoga routine.

This balanced combination of complete and clean protein paired with abundant phytonutrients ensures that every day my body is receiving most of its daily needs.  The Swiss Chard is now available locally and organic which when paired with cucumber, celery and hemp cover the essential protein profile to fulfill your bodies needs.

The Green Power Blend has been a favorite of mine for years as it combines Chlorella and Spirulina with Wheatgrass, Moringa and Alfalfa juice powders to create a nutrient-dense upgrade that deepens the cellular nourishment and detoxification too you’re providing your body in a simple smoothie.  Finally, the Goji Berries act as ‘multivitamin’ of sorts providing abundant mineral and vitamin density.

This smoothie doesn’t really replace my breakfast because by mid-morning I’m usually ravenous again so I have some of my Simple Chia Cereal (made the night before) ready to fill my belly.

When I start my day with an upgraded green smoothie, there is some flexibility with what I can eat.  With a busy and full life, it’s always a challenge to allow for a ton of meal preparation but we all can do better than take-out food.  This smoothie is also perfect when you need a quick meal to go.   It will make enough for 2 servings so make sure to share the love with your neighbour or co-worker.

The Full Meal Deal
  1. 3 leaves local swiss chard
  2. 1/2 cucumber
  3. 2 sticks celery
  4. ¼ of lemon (if organic, include the pith and rind)
  5. 1 green apple
  6. 2 tbs soaked goji berries
  7. 2 tbs of Green power blend
  8. 1-2 tbs of Coconut nectar (depending how sweet you like your smoothies)
  9. 1/4 cup hemp seed
  10. 2 cups water or cold chaga tea (if you don’t have chaga tea you can include ½ tsp of dual extract powder)
  1. Chop ingredients and blend until smooth
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