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Over 110 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Make Eating Plant-Based Eating Possible!

17 Nutritionists, Chefs and Kitchen Nerds Reveal Their Favourite Family Recipes that Make Plant-based Living a Breeze

Colin-Eden-65-of-71-199x300Hi I’m Colin from FeedLife and the Co-Creator of this Book,

I remember the night I came home from work and Eden came into the kitchen buzzing with excitement. She had come up with a plan to create a beautiful book of all of our favourite and most accessible recipes that would make plant-based eating attainable for anyone.

Her eyes lit up as she shared her vision with me and I immediately knew this was something we absolutely had to do. But we didn’t want this book to just be about us and our message, we wanted this to be about the community on a grander scale.

Together we decided we would bring together the collective of champions for health and plant-based living under one umbrella and offer the most accessible, everyday recipes that make living a healthy lifestyle not only nourishing but easy and fun too.

Look, I’ve sort of “been around the block” when it comes to experiencing a wide array of plant-based recipes out there. The truth is, many of them take a lot of time, energy and cost more money than most of us have in our food budget. So when Eden suggested we flip that dilemma on its head and bring together 100 recipes that the plant-based chefs are making at home for their families on a regular basis, it was a truly exciting moment for me.

Now that the book is finally here after a year of hard-work, visiting contributors in their homes, testing out recipes and taking gorgeous photos of these simple and mouthwatering creations, I’m happy to share it with you so you can enjoy the pleasures of eating clean without overspending your time or money.

Feed Life: Nourishing, Easy and Delicious Recipes for your Whole Family isn’t just a recipe book, it’s a guide to plant-based living laced with personal nuggets of wisdom from each contributor and their tips for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

We infused our collective wisdom of what it takes to truly enjoy nourishing your body, mind and spirit with the cleanest fuel nature has to offer.

About Us11This book is dedicated to Eden, who before her passing inspired me along with 17 others to come together and make this offering a reality for you, here and now.

This book is for you to enjoy while you continue to embark on your own health journey, experimenting with new foods to find what works and feels good for you.

Inside these pages, you will find information and recipes that support healing, energy, weight loss, and overall health and well-being.

You may already know that Eden was passionate about supporting cancer patients on their road to healing and recovery, so this book is also a supportive guide for anyone who is looking for alternative ways to nourish the body back into its optimal state.

17 contributors which included plant-based chefs, nutritionists, health coaches and teams joined me in this mission, here is a peak at some of the recipes inside:


Buckwheat Beet Chowder

Copy of Buckwheat Beet Chowder

This is Your Invitation to Get Inspired and Take Action!

If you’ve been waiting to…

Finally take the final step towards going plant-based
Reclaim your energy and lose weight
Change your family’s lifestyle without a fuss
Or simply feel better… this is for you.

Feed your body with food naturally designed to heal from the inside out

Copy of Copy of Buckwheat Beet Chowder

Learn what the top experts in nutrition do every day to keep themselves healthy, energy rich and fulfilled.

Eat healthy without going crazy in the process.

Save time, money and energy while eating clean, delicious food.

Inspire others around you to make healthy changes in their lives when they see you transform before their eyes.

Plus, have the best reputation at the potluck table… just kidding, but not really. I bring these recipes to parties all the time and am constantly blowing my friends and family away with their simplicity and flavor!

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