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Eden Elizabeth

Eden Elizabeth RHN RYT

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary Artist, Cancer Guide and 2 time Cancer survivor, Eden is passionate about sharing her love for holistic healing and beautifully crafted recipes. She’s been fortunate to learn from some of the top plant-based chefs, world renowned doctors and researchers during her 10 years as a Nutritionist. She is actively involved in numerous health and nutrition related organizations such as SPUD, F – Cancer, and Thrive Alive Foundation. She also teaches cancer nutrition at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and Raw Foundation. Eden has contributed as a nutrition and wellness expert to publications such as Chatelaine, Canadian Living, The Province, Alive and Health Action. She formulated the popular 3, 5 and 7 day juice cleanses for Vancouver’s premiere cold pressed juice company The Juice Truck. Eden has been featured as a nutrition and culinary expert on Breakfast Television Vancouver and CTV. She is featured as a culinary artist and nutritionist in the recently released documentary “Your Second Fifty” featuring health and lifestyle experts around the world.
Eden has worked internationally as a humanitarian, developing nutrition and wellness programs for children and families affected by war and natural disaster in Sri Lanka through the non-profit organization she founded in 2004. Eden is a student and teacher of yoga and is currently studying to become a Ayurvedic Practitioner. In her free time she enjoys creating with her hands and hiking in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with her husband Colin and their 2 fur babies Autumn and Gremmie.


Colin Medhurst 'Health Coach' 'Yoga teacher' Colin Medhurst HHC RYT

Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Cancer Guide and Master Herbalist in training. Colin is also a full time firefighter and photographer/videographer by day. His photos have been published in publications such as Veg Directory, The Province, Health Action News Magazine and SPUD. Not your stereotypical firefighter – he’s powered by plants not steaks! You may have seen him on the TV show “Cooking With Fire” showing the world how easy and delicious it can be to be a herbivore. Colin’s a graduate of New York State University’s Institute of Integrative Nutrition and an experience yoga and meditation practitioner. Colin’s classes are full of modern science and ancient wisdom. He is passionate about sharing his experiences eating plant-based and having the abundant energy and strength to climb mountains!