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It all started with a bucket full of tomatoes – large red ones, pear shaped yellow ones, itsy-bitsy ruby ones.  Way too many to eat for 2 people so it’s time to make marinara sauce.  I uncovered a huge zucchini hiding in the garden and a couple of mini eggplants from the greenhouse to add a bit of heartiness to the sauce. You can use a red bell pepper as well if you like. This sauce is way too simple to be this good  – but it just is -some things in life are really good and really simple!


vegan marinara sauce

Garden Fresh Marinara Sauce
  1. 6 large tomatoes cut into quarters
  2. 2 cups cherry tomatoes or other small variety (or 1 1/2 large tomatoes)
  3. 1 medium zucchini chopped
  4. 4 mini eggplants or 1 red pepper chopped
  5. 2 large cloves or 4 small cloves garlic minced
  6. 2 tsp fresh rosemary minced
  7. 1 TBS fresh basil minced(1 tsp dried)
  8. 1 TBS fresh oregano minced (1 tsp dried)
  9. 2 bay leaves
  10. Fresh ground pepper and sea salt
  11. 1 TBS coconut oil
  1. Preheat oven to 350 or 300 convection
  2. Place tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant on a cookie sheet and drizzle 1 TBS coconut oil on top. Sprinkle black pepper, basil, and oregano over zucchini.
  3. Bake vegetables for 20 min (check at 15)
  4. Place roasted vegetables and garlic in blender (in batches if too much) and puree.
  5. Pour into sauce pan and heat on low add in rosemary. Serve and Enjoy!
  6. Recipe will keep in fridge for 4 days or in freezer for 1 month.
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