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Happy Healthy Hot Dogs

Summer time is here and it’s the time to share amazing food with friends and family. These Healthy Happy Hot-Dogs are the perfect addition to your BBQ arsenal. We are using marinated carrots as the ‘hot dog’ because it soaks up the flavours and satiates the texture we’re so used to when it comes to […]

Chaga: The King of Herbal Remedies

As pharmaceutical companies are striving to chemically concoct up with the latest and greatest pill to cure disease, some of the most effective and potent medicines to date are plant-based.

Traditional Fermented Foods with a Modern Twist

One of the most inexpensive and powerful nutritional tools that you can use to improve detoxification, digestion and immune processes is fermented foods. This simple and inexpensive way of storing and preserving fresh vegetables has been a beneficial ingredient in many cultures across the world.